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MS Enhanced CCW Class

I will be holding a CCW class Sunday afternoon starting at 1 PM. Qualifying on the range will begin at 4 PM and final class instruction and testing will begin promptly after the qualifying has completed.

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I plan on holding a Fall Enhanced CCW class. Just wondering if anyone one like to join in for a shooting-marksmanship contest at the end of the class. I'm looking for input to the types of shooting on

Next MS Enhanced CCW class is scheduled for February 22, 2014. We plan on giving away a free Sig 229 with night sights, a Glock 26,27, etc., or a Ruger LCP depending on the number of class members. Pr

Don't forget about the upcoming MS CCW class to be held on Saturday January 25, 2014 at 9 AM CST -- registration starts at 8 AM --Use promo code to save $10

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